Careful Indulgence: Ottawa top five pick: Side Door contemporary kitchen & bar

One of my favourite Restaurants in Ottawa: Sidedoor contemporary kitchen & wine bar. This place does tapas/fusion flawlessly. Everything offered on the menu is unique and satisfying. They are known for their homemade tacos which come in 5 different flavours (I prefer Bajan crispy fish or Chinkiang pulled pork). My personal favourite dish is meant to be a sharing plate, but I rarely share good food. The butter poached lobster served on green curry vegetables is out of this world. So generous with the lobster, and even more generous with the portion size, I have yet to eat anything else off the menu since trying it. Sidedoor also makes decadent homemade donuts (choose the sharing platter to get a selection of each).. my favourite? The olivia dark chocolate. This is the place to try.

location: 18 York Street website:

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Side Door