Let’s get 2 things straight. Firstly, skirt steak is in fact a cut of steak (like ribeye, or sirloin for example) and it is delicious cooked medium rare. Secondly, I have decided that the perfect way to describe this new Kanata eatery is to say that The Keg Steakhouse and Moxie’s Grill & Bar had a baby and named it Skirt Steak.

Equal in price and quality to The Keg Steakhouse with a Moxie’s interior atmosphere, Skirt Steak offers its diners a trendy dining experience with a little sparkle. Offering a wide selection of steak cuts, sauces for pairing, and delectable sides, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the choices. Having been there twice, I can recommend with confidence the skirt steak with the brandy peppercorn sauce. Save yourself 15 dollars and do not fall for the ever-so-tasty sounding lobster mac ‘n’ cheese side…not worth the extra splurge, instead stick with your choice of potato and salad starter and order up a side of caramelized onions for the table. Enjoy playing with the ipad beverage menus and catch a sports game in the bar if you are looking for a more casual evening out. Side tip: Ignore your large stomach ego and order the half-skirt portion size (it’s plenty big, promise)

Website: http://www.skirtsteak.ca/
Location: Kanata Centrum

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