Weekend brunch @ The Manx: Elgin’s established underground (literally) dive.

How shameful when I think of the number of times I passed by this place, completely unaware of its popularity amongst my fellow Foodies. A complete zoo on the weekends and sardine-like seating should definitely not scare you off. Brunch is worth the wait. A quirky and versatile menu selection (consisting of “Brunch” “Bruncher” and “Bruncherer” sections….an added touch that I don’t quite get and yet still fully appreciate) is definitely what keeps their loyal customers coming back. The grilled cheese with caramelized onions and mushrooms is truly a taste of buttery heaven in every bite. Far from ordinary homefries, are the Manx creamy mashed potatoes (no deep fry required) which I would highly recommend ordering. Another perfect Ottawa brunch location for you sleeper-inners. I

Location: 370 Elgin St Website: http://www.manxpub.com The Manx on Urbanspoon

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